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How it Works

Keyword Research

We search keywords according to your website's niche which has a decent volume and low competition

We create content around that keyword

We create high quality, unique and Seo optimized content on that keyword so that it matches the search intent

We create relevant backlinks to that content

We get relevant niche related backlinks to that content so that google considers you authority..

You will start receiving traffic to that page

This means that google now considers you authority and will also rank you for other keywords

Internal linking

Once the traffic starts to come on that page we will build internal links to other pages of the website, which will also give a boost to other pages

Get ranked within 3 months

Most of the websites starts to rank within 3 months, as well as the new websites so don't wait and place an order to get boosted on google


  • Keyword research
  • Create Content on 1 keyword
  • Create Backlinks
  • Internal linking
  • Boost your keywords until they rank on page 1


  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 support


  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 support
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